Sound Healing

Sound is a very multi-faceted medium with which we can bring fresh external energy into our bodies to remove energetic blockages, balance our chakras, clear out old, outdated emotional and behavioral patterns, meditate to and go into trance with.

Blood is 92 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water. Why is this relevant to your health?

As tapping a glass of water sets the water molecules in the glass into motion, so does the resonance created by sound in everyday life affect the water molecules in our bodies.

Pure sound in everyday life is virtually nonexistent: amidst traffic, the humming of computers, ticking of clocks, voices in the background, the TV or radio going, planes overhead, the neighbours chatting, water running, other people’s phones etc we are infused in a never ending cacophony of nondescript noises… it’s a mish mash of aural disharmony we are being exposed to constantly.

Imagine then being in a quiet space, with energy chimes placed on your chakras (the body’s energy centres) and/or on the major joints of your body and listening to the PURE, rich, harmonic tones emitted by the chimes which correspond to each part of your body… allowing the vibration of the water molecules within your body to resonate in harmony with the pure sound and tones of the energy chimes and 13 Tones of Creation!

Your ears will be “fascinated” by the purity of the sound and the healing effect this has on the body is profound. You will dive into a sound bath and emerge wholly refreshed and in tune with the Universal Resonance.
The chimes are also perfect for Feng Shui energy house clearing.

Mahjee Drum & Rattle

Mahjee Drum & Rattle

The drum is use for the Meditation Drumming is a “Mahjee” drum which was handcrafted by Caiseal Mor, who spends 2-3 months making a drum.

A lot of thought, care and spirit go into each drum. Caiseal only uses certain hide and string and sources used drum casings where possible, which he then shaves back during the tuning process to get the right musical note.He states that this is important as one cannot meditate to a high pitched drum. While the hide is in the shed during the crafting process, Caiseal talks to the skin, thanks it, tells it what it will be used for and intermittently cleanses it with sage and lavender. He plays each drum for the first time in utter darkness. He says: “I don’t build my drums with dance performance in mind. They’re for meditation. I meditate with each drum and call in the spirits. I try to develop a special relationship with each drum before they go off to their new homes.”

For aura drumming I use my beautiful handcrafted 12 sided hoop drum, its deep resonance being excellent for moving stagnant energy and grounding. In the same way that your favourite song can uplift your spirits so sound energy healing revives your body and mind.

Just as “a change is as good as a holiday” like going to the woods for a picnic, smelling the forest and listening to bird song or taking a walk along the beach listening to the waves crash and gazing out at the azure water, where hearing and seeing something different to what we are desensitized to, the things we hear and see every day, so sound healing literally clears and reenergizes our minds and bodies.

Trance Rattling is not as well known as other types of sound healing. Rattles are very simple tools that have a variety of uses in shamanist, traditional and indigenous cultures. The Rattle is the only instrument to be found in every musical or ceremonial tradition on Earth. You probably played one when you were a child. In most indigenous and tribal societies rattles are given to children from a young age to use as a protective magical tool.

Sound and vibration are known to be very potent tools to opening or shifting consciousness into an altered state. In trance, healing and lessons may be more easily integrated.

What the beat of the rattle does is tune your brain waves to a relaxing frequency that allows your survival functions to take a back seat for a while. One can access a deep trance state through rattling and it is ideal when preparing to open your consciousness to new inspiration and ideas. This frees your brain to work on some of the other talents it has at its disposal. So if you are wishing to access deep seated knowledge, then trance drumming may help you access this information.

The sound of a rattle is also believed to drive away malicious spirits and attract sympathetic ones but it may also be thought of as a kind of magical wand for the focusing of energy and intent.

In traditional shamanist cultures such as those to be found in Mongolia, Siberia, Central and South America or Australia, ownership of a rattle signifies an individual’s ability to deal with the spirit world or as a healer

There are no contraindications to sound healing which makes it suitable to be enjoyed and used for the benefit of anyone.