Crystal Healing


The human body has “chakra’s” (energy centres) which control different parts:

For example, the reproductive organs, the heart and lungs, etc. Each chakra corresponds to a particular colour (and musical note: see Sound Healing). Carefully selected crystals are placed on the body’s corresponding energy centres and activated to allow this energy assimilation to take place.

A chakra balancing using crystals is a lovely way to get your body back “in Sync”.
When we hold on to past experiences which have negatively affected us, we end up living restricted by those experiences, often in fear, and we move away from living in our true essence. Through crystal healing we are able to access those areas and the memories we have learned to block off, allowing for a safe space for release and deep healing to occur.

These are often long held and repressed issues which can be healed through Inner Child or Soul Retrieval crystal healings.

As an accredited crystal healing practitioner through the Academy of Crystal Awakening with an innate affinity for the beautiful crystal energies, I am able to pass on the benefits of working with the natural healing gifts of the mineral kingdom through this modality.

As the healing energy of the crystals merges with the body’s energy fields, a transfer of energy takes place, allowing the body to heal itself.

Crystal healing is actually a science and works within the law of physics, the law of resonance, which states “like energy attracts like energy”. This is why, when we are in the presence of crystals, they assist us to align with the healing energy which is within the crystals.

WandsAll Crystal Healings are interactive processes where I verbally guide you through the process, encouraging visualization. Your participation in the healing brings the energy and colour to life and makes the healing more effective as you have a memory of it and it keeps you in control of each session. This is particularly important for safe Inner Child and Soul Retrievals, where often long held and deep seated emotions are released.
During any type of crystal healing many different crystals are used after being individually hand selected for their unique healing properties for each client. These crystals are placed on and around the body in patterns or layouts to clear, re-energize and balance the clients’ energetic field and it is not uncommon for me to do a couple of different layouts during a crystal healing session.

The healer mentally channels and directs the healing energy which flows through the crystals into the recipient. Crystals, and in particular clear quartz, are used to direct and amplify this energy to effect and enhance the healing. It is possible to use quartz to identify a problem and then remove it. Amongst my crystal collection is a custom cut 21 sided Vogel wand which is an amazing tool for amplifying and directing the healing energy and a Golden Lemurian which is a wonderful crystal for bringing in the golden healing light channeled by me. It is a privilege to have such powerful crystal allies to help my clients receive the most benefit from each treatment.

Lemurian WandWhilst for centuries and across most cultures crystals have been used as amulets to ward off harm, talismans to encourage virtues, magical guardians to heal and even as tools to interpret messages from the spirit world and Kings, queens, pharaohs and seers had gemstones worked into their armor, crowns, headdress and jewellery on account of their powerful magical properties, they are a huge part of the technological age we now live in and crystals are being recognized and used for their vibration in modern healing such as silicone crystal chips in pacemakers and rubies in surgical lasers.


As there are no contraindications to crystal healings, they are suitable for anyone. I also make up healing sets of crystals which are selected, cleansed and charged with the particular intent required by each client. Or my clients may choose a piece of crystal jewellery intuitively from our range of discerningly hand selected pieces, all chosen for their beautiful healing energies, to assist them on their healing journey.