Client Testimonials

“…I have to admit that during my Reiki healing I was the most relaxed I remember ever having been in my entire life! You have converted a sceptic. I will have one of your Reiki treatments any day.”
- Mrs. B.

Caring, professional, ethical and SO effective!
I have received treatments by and have done training with Madron Healing
and both have been of the highest standard! A truly gifted practitioner,
both for people and pets. Had a bad fall and by rights should have been black and bruised,
but came up completely fine after a healing session at Madron Healing.
I’m fussy and not easily convinced, but this works! Highly recommend!
Oh, and just relax and go with the flow, you’ll be surprised at the results! :-)
- Dr.N.B., Dianella

“Hi Denise, this is M.K., I did level I with you not so long ago. Just thought I’d let you know how I’m going. I’m doing the grounding exercise as often as I can and it’s helping put me to sleep at night, I’m finding I cry about things instead of holding it inside, which is a massive change for me…Can’t wait to do level II, I’m sure you will hear from me soon. Hope you’re well. Love and kisses.
- M.

A relaxing, healing and safe environment
I have been going to Madron Healing for Reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, massage therapy and an overall ‘tune up’ once a month for 5 years now. What a difference it makes to my overall calmness and outlook on life! A relaxing, healing and safe environment. Denise has a true gift.
(Megan Fraser, Darlington)

“The neck massage you gave me really worked. For the first night in a long time I did not wake up screaming with pain, I thank you and my wife thanks you as I no longer wake her up during the night!”
- D.B.

“Having experienced several of Denise’s treatments including Swedish Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage, crystal healings and Reiki treatments as well as completing Reiki level 1, I would honestly tell everyone to go and see her. Her treatments are very professional and the atmosphere in her room is beautiful. I particularly love her deep tissue massage as I suffer badly with neck and back problems and I find this relieves me for a long time. Highly recommend a visit.”
- Amanda Moloney

“I had no idea how truly detoxifying a massage can be. Initially I felt relaxed as I do after a normal deep tissue massage by you. The next two days I was tired and very thirsty and the day after that I was re energized. My legs no longer feel heavy when I go for a run. I exercise on an almost daily basis but wasn’t aware of how many toxins my body was storing. Amazing.”
- Mr. C.

“Having regular Reiki treatments has helped keep me focused on my goal which I have now successfully achieved ahead of schedule. Reiki and the intent you put into your healings certainly worked for me and I can now be proud of what I have achieved. Thank you.”
- P.M.