About Us

Whilst my interest in crystals and rocks was awakened when I was 4 years old my journey into healing began in earnest after a brush with cancer a few years’ ago. It literally illuminated a new path before me: I chanced upon Reiki, attended a Reiki I workshop and immediately fell in love with this gentle yet powerful healing modality.

At this first attunement when I “saw” with my third eye the Reiki symbols my Reiki master was drawing in the air behind my back (and I had my eyes closed) I knew this energy was real, powerful and absolutely amazing!

Through continuous self-treatments and giving healings to others my energy became more and more purified and I progressed through to Usui Reiki level III. I was finally able to attune other people so that they, too and those they share Reiki with can also experience the power and boundless benefits of universal life force energy.

SphereThroughout this time I continued my studies into crystals and their energetic benefits and learned about sound healing as well as massage therapy. I often get asked to select individual crystals or healing sets which are cleansed and charged with intent for each client. In this manner my clients get the continued benefit from the healing even after they leave the treatment room.

After some incredible experiences during treatments and witnessing wonderful healing journeys I am dedicated to and passionate about energy healing.

PicMy wish is to provide energy healing treatments given in a safe and peaceful environment. I also have an avid interest the tarot, Feng Shui, dowsing & divination, Totem animals, making semi-precious crystal beads into healing jewellery and wands, sourcing crystal jewellery and travel – as my mind and heart are open to learning and growing spiritually from different cultures.

“When you have any treatment with Denise, you will experience a healing given in a caring and safe environment in her very welcoming and serene healing room. Denise is an intuitive, empathetic and experienced healer.”

madron-well[1]“Madron Healing” is named after Madron Well and Chapel in Cornwall. The earliest reference to this site was in 1640, when it was recorded that the “cripple John Trelill” came here and bathed once a week for three weeks in May. He then slept on a mound nearby called St.Maddern’s Bed (the location of which is now not known) and was cured.

From then onwards, the site was much visited and venerated. It is sometimes not clear as to whether it is the Holy Well or this Baptistry Well that is being visited, but children were certainly brought to one or other, stripped naked and plunged three times through the water widdershins (against the sun, or clockwise) to restore their health. Note the recurrence of the number three in all these rituals and the time of year when it occured. Three was a magic number to the Celtic people, and the beginning of May was the time of their Beltane festival.

So we may have a folk-memory here of use of the site from very early times. In the 19th Century, an old dame An Kitty used to attend the Baptistry (or well) in the Springtime to instruct ‘the gentry’ (who were then beginning to visit sites such as these) on the correct rituals to perform at the well. Unfortunately, the precise nature of these are not recorded, but they are likely to be similar to those given above.

This site has a long continuity of spiritual use by both Christians and pagans. Up until very recent times local Methodists would still go here for an open-air service on the first Sunday in May, and the site is also used by local pagans for ceremonies to honour the Earth Mother. The Chapel is dedicated to St. Madern, who is also the patron saint of Madron Church. St.Madern is a curiously named saint: ‘he’ may in fact be a variant of Modron, the mother-Goddess of the Welsh Triads. Modron was Christianised into the female Welsh saint Madrun, who could have then been brought to Cornwall by Welsh incomers in the 5th & 6th Centuries.

In the process it is possible that the gender of the Celtic mother-Goddess/saint became masculinised, because both the Welsh ‘Madrun’ and the Cornish ‘Madern’ are etimologically identical.

Though I have not visited this site in my current lifetime, I feel very drawn to and have an affinity with it, enough to name my healing business after it.