Madron Healing

My wish


 is to provide energy healing treatments given in a safe and peaceful environment.

~ Denise Binz

The aim of energy healing is to bring fresh energy into the body and the body’s different energetic layers while releasing stagnant or blocked energy. The resulting harmonious energy flow promotes and assists the healing process leading to wholeness in Mind, Body and Spirit. Be the best YOU, you can be.

My forte are intuitively guided healings, where I tune in to my client which gives me the insight into which modalities are of the most benefit to each client at that moment. This allows for a beautifully integrated healing treatment every time, drawing on any of the modalities I offer.

All energy healings given by me work with the Higher Self of the Receiver to effect the healing.

After accidents or operations, healing needs to take place on many different levels, too: Not only physically, but often also spiritually, mentally or emotionally.